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We proudly share our work and are continuing to add to our portfolio.


 Below are a few projects we are working on or have completed. We take pride in every job we do. Ultimately seeing is believing, and our clients deserve to know the quality of services they will be receiving.

More projects will be showcased soon. 

Custom Built Shed

Custom-built shed for a client who needed more functional outdoor storage space. Built from foundation to finish with customized windows and doors. 

Upstairs Addition

Custom flooring, baseboards and trim work done in upstairs addition using materials client had on hand to save client on materials costs. With years of experience in the trades, we were able to create a space with existing materials giving client a unique design with carpet in center and tile work on side. 

Garage Rot Repair

Rot repair work on client's garage. While doing repair work, client specified he would like a new window installed. Client had water seeping through garage wall and while investigating origin we had discovered that there was extensive rot in the garage wall. We had also noticed a colony of carpenter ant causing damage. Damaged wall was removed, tar paper was used to deter ants and siding was reused. While replacing the siding client requested a new custom window go in place of the preexisting vent. It was then repainted.

Conversion Shed to Stable

Client had a pony she wished to bring home and needed to create a cost effective shelter for.  They opted to convert an existing shed into a small stable to shelter the pony in and wanted to utilize materials they had on hand to save costs. We listened to the clients needs and followed their specifications and created a small stable where the pony could be housed. Installed walls, rubber flooring and used post and beam materials the client had on hand to create a rustic barn aesthetic.